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適用書目表 及 電子教科書適用書目表 Recommended Textbook List & Recommended e-Textbook List
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  1. 「適用書目表」和「電子教科書適用書目表」內的課本及學習材料是按課程發展議會編訂的各科課程文件而編寫,其內容、學與教、組織編排、語文、編印設計、運用電子功能於學與教、技術及功能要求等方面均經本局審閱和接受。各校可參考但無須一定從「適用書目表」( ) 及/或「電子教科書適用書目表」( ) 選用課本及學習材料。

  2. 學校亦可因應學生的學習需要,採用「適用書目表」或「電子教科書適用書目表」以外的課本及學習材料。教師可運用其專業知識,自行編訂或挑選其他教學材料,以切合學生的需要。教師可善用教育局提供的免費教學資源及其他生活化材料作為輔助教材,以提高教學效能,並減少對課本的倚賴。教師可參考「教育局一站式學與教資源平台」。

  3. 「適用書目表」和「電子教科書適用書目表」內所列課本之出版年份,乃獲課本評審小組通過後首次出版之年份。學校如有疑問,請與教育局課本委員會秘書處聯絡。

  4. 如印刷課本書名旁註有「重印兼訂正」。這類課本修改的地方不多,並非新版課本,學生可沿用舊書。教師應對使用舊書的學生提供 協助,把出版社以附頁或勘誤表形式為學生提供的修訂資料,給選用舊版課本的學生使用,而不應規定學生購買「重印兼訂正」的課本。

  5. 課本委員會將適時更新「適用書目表」和「電子教科書適用書目表」。
  1. Textbooks and learning materials on the Recommended Textbook List (RTL) and Recommended e-Textbook List (eRTL) are written in line with the curriculum documents issued by the Curriculum Development Council. They have been vetted as acceptable in terms of content, learning and teaching, structure and organisation, language, textbook layout, pedagogical use of e-features, technical and functional requirements, etc. Schools can make reference to the RTL and / or eRTL at or when selecting textbooks and learning materials, though it is not a requirement.

  2. Schools may also use textbooks and learning materials not on the RTL or eRTL if they can meet the learning needs of their students. Teachers should exercise their professional judgement in preparing and choosing learning and teaching materials to meet the needs of their students. Teachers may use the free learning and teaching resources provided by the EDB and everyday authentic materials as supplementary teaching materials to enhance teaching effectiveness and reduce their reliance on textbooks. Teachers may make reference to the EDB One-stop Portal for Learning and Teaching Resources.  Chinese Version Only

  3. EDB One-stop Portal for Learning and Teaching Resources

  4. The year of publication on the RTL and eRTL is the year when the textbook is first published after it has passed the vetting by the Textbook Review Panel. Schools requiring further clarification may contact the Textbook Committee Secretariat of the Education Bureau.

  5. Those printed textbooks marked with "Reprint with minor amendments" are not new editions considering the small amount of amendments made. Students are not required to purchase the "Reprint with minor amendments" versions since the old textbooks can still be used. Teachers should assist students by providing the revised information from the publishers in the form of supplementary sheet or corrigenda to students using the old editions of textbooks.

  6. This RTL and eRTL will be updated as appropriate.

教 育 局 課 本 委 員 會
Textbook Committee, Education Bureau

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