TE0101 : 科技教育課程的施行模式
Mode of Curriculum Implementation in Technology Education

KLA / Others : TE
Level : Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary
Duration : 09/2001-08/2002
Section : Technology Education (TE) Section
Section Contact: Contact Page
No. of Participating Schools: 3
4 Key Tasks :
-Project learning
-IT for interactive learning
Keywords :TE KLA,Integrated Learning of D&T, HEc and Computer Studies.
Status: Completed
Deliverables: Publication/Booklet/Report:
- Deliverable_TE0101-rev.docDeliverable

- It includes project Plans, teaching notes, students' works, PPT presentation, magazine article and video record of the sharing

Learning & Teaching Materials:
- A lesson plan on 'Home Living & Technology'