This website aims to enable HMSC teachers and students to access the materials in a more structural way so as to promote self-directed learning.

HMSC Resources

  • It provides an easy access to the key resources of HMSC curriculum and assessment.

  • The items are as follows:

    • HMSC Curriculum and Assessment Guide
    • Supplementary Notes
    • HMSC Public Assessment
    • HMSC Glossary
    • Field Learning Resource Series
    • Useful Links
    • Reference Materials
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e-Learning Resources

  • Topics of the 19 booklets of HMSC resource series are used as the organiser to facilitate HMSC learning and teaching.

  • Each unit includes four parts as follows:

    • Highlights
    • Reading
    • Application
    • *Consolidation - platform for organising and sharing the learning
    *Short cuts are provided for students to access some existing learning management platforms and tools. Students need to LOGIN to their own accounts.
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